Pocket AnyNotes is a powerful mobile notes organizer and personal information manager (PIM).

It can be used as a standalone pocket application and in conjunction with regular desktop AnyNotes.

With Pocket AnyNotes you can:

  • read, create and edit notes;
  • organize notes and folders within a tree-like database;
  • search in the whole database or within a single note;
  • navigate through notes without a stylus.

Also you can:

  • beam notes over infrared to other devices;
  • protect notes with a strong cryptography;
  • use integrated calendar and rich set of reminders;
  • copy data to, from and synchronize data with the desktop AnyNotes.

With AnyNotes you can have your data with you everywhere!

Get acquainted with the list of AnyNotes features and screenshots.

Pocket AnyNotes Features

Creating notes

Safekeeping texts in hierarchical (tree-like) database
Memorizing clipboard content at one click
Virtually unlimited database size


Explorer-like main window with the List pane, Reader pane and Hierarchy drop-down list
List pane, showing the notes and folders, with multiple and effective sorting options

Drop-down list, showing the position of the current folder in the folders hierarchy
Reader pane, showing the text of a selected note
Editor window allows editing the selected note

Main window

Editor window


History tab with sorting capabilities for up to 100 recently used folders and notes
Comfortable navigation through notes and folders by the Pocket PC cursor buttons


Anchor attribute to prevent notes from involuntary modifying or deleting
Security attribute to cipher individual notes. AnyNotes uses the BlowFish strong algorithm with 128-bit key for encrypting
Red, Yellow and Green flags with arbitrary meaning

Event attribute to remind about notes and show them in the calendar
Icon and Title font style to distinguish notes in the list.

Settiing an icon and title font style


Local search within note
Effective global search within sub-tree or whole database with multiple options

Global Search window (Options tab)

Global Search window (Results tab)

Calendar and Reminders

Calendar window, showing events for the selected date
Reminders are shown like the system Pocket PC reminders

Settiing an event

Events in the main window

Calendar window


Calculating arithmetical expression and summing up columns just in a note
Integrating database optimizing and repairing facilities
Backuping database to a flash card.