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Do you want to have one more brain that never forgets anything?

If you

  • have to keep in mind a lot of things,
  • use a great quantity of information, especially found in Internet;
  • have collections of any kind (books, films, cooking recipes, photos, plants, etc.),
  • keep a diary or a casebook of any kind,
  • have a great number of different files on your computer so that it takes you quite a time to find what you need,

then you need AnyNotes.

AnyNotes allows you to organize information concerning your life, work and hobbies as a tree of notes and folders. You can see all your life interests as a whole compact structure, each branch of it expands revealing the next smaller branches and twigs. The notes can include text, pictures, Web-pages, URLs or links to any files on your hard disk. Double-clicking a link starts a program or opens the file in the appropriate program just as if you double-clicked it in Windows Explorer. Double-clicking an URLstarts up Internet Explorer and downloads the corresponding Web-page. External files can be attached to notes

The program is extremely helpful for saving Web-pages to AnyNotes database. To save a full content of the Web-page, you just click a single button.

AnyNotes includes powerful tools for navigating and searching the notes and folders. They include Favourites and History lists, links to other notes, Global Search and Search inside a note.

AnyNotes gains you many handy features, such as in-line calculating, encrypting notes, reminders, multi-user functioning, detailed easy-to-understand help. To visually distinguish notes in the list, you can use icons and color flags, as well as color and typefaces for titles.

If you have a Pocket PC or a communicator with Windows Mobile, you can make an essential part of information portable. Install Pocket AnyNotes on your pocket device and synchronize both databases regularly.

AnyNotes Features

Saving web pages

AnyNotes is most useful in your Internet research. In Internet Explorer, you can

AnyNotes button in IE

Result of pasting data from IE
to AnyNotes

Attaching files

Viewing attached pictures

Editing note

A note can be provided with the attributes:

Editing text,
Large icons mode

Sorting notes


Navigating tools include:


Searching in database

Events and Reminders

Calendar and events

AnyNotes can import data from other applications, such as:

Multi-user capabilities

Portable using

Pocket AnyNotes

Other tools

AnyNotes includes tools for databases backuping, optimizing and repairing